Question about the Kifaru Mountain Rambler

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Oct 2, 2016
West Virginia
So, thanks to a great guy, I got a highlander mountain rambler coming. I've been reading that some don't like the bottom of the bag flopping. I'm preetu certain I won't either. I e also read where guys were using triglides and other methods to tighten it up and cinch the bottom of the pack to the frame. I'm having a hard time understanding how I need to approach it without actually having the bag yet.

So, could some give me a tutorial or point me in the direction to see it on a thread here. I am trying to get ahead of the game and order what I need to it gets here about the time the pack will. Thanks and God Bless


Dec 14, 2015
There are a few old threads where people have posted pics of how they adjusted for this. First, if you're using the cargo panel then this isn't a concern at all. However when you're not, there are ways to tighten the fit. Until you have the bag in hand you'll have to use your imagination. Easiest way is probably to just add some k-connectors or g hooks to the bottom compression straps and run those tight to the frame to suck the bottom of the bag in. Or you can run the compression straps through the bottom common loops on the frame.

If you're not planning to use the cargo panel and you want to really tighten things up then try this. In addition to the compression straps there are tab loops at the bottom of the bag and also near the top. The length of the bag is shorter than your frame. i have found all bags without hypalon tighten up best when you start by stretching them vertically, then work on horizontal. Since the bag is short you have decide where you'll position it on the frame, low or high. You want to attach one end (either top or bottom) direct to the frame with something like k-clips, or k-connectors, or g hooks. There are a couple of spots on the frame to do this. The other end will need an adjustable connection via a compression strap with connections. This will seat the bag tight to the frame vertically, and you'll finish it off with the horizontal compression straps. However if you do it this way you have to disconnect these points to use the cargo panel.