Question for those of you with a Seek Outside Saker or Brooks


Jun 4, 2021
Hi all. I am about to order a custom pack from Seek Outside which will be a variation on the Peregrine. I’m thinking about getting a zippered wing pocket (like the Brooks and Saker have) on one side of the pack in place of the tall side pocket that comes standard on the Peregrine.

My question for those of you who have a bag with the zippered wing pocket is what you typically put in the pocket. I’ll mostly be using the pack for standard backpacking trips rather than hunting (at least for now) and I’m thinking it would be useful to put somewhat bulky stuff that I want easy access to in it - things like food, stove, chair, etc. The kind of stuff I might want easy access to during the day before I’ve set up camp.

Does that seem like a good use of it? Do you think an ~11 liter Ursack All Mitey would fit in it?

For those of you that carry water in it, what kind of bladder do you use?

Thanks for any help.

JR Greenhorn

Oct 9, 2020
Probably you've placed your order by now, but I'll answer anyway in case someone else comes along.

I have a Brooks. The wing pockets are great, and are more versatile than a bunch of smaller pockets. Plus, they are way less likely to snag on stuff than most other configurations (my pack goes in and out of a canoe a lot, so this is especially important).

In mine I keep:
Beanie hat
Rain jacket (not self-storing, but I roll it up into its hood)
Mug (folding handles)
Tea and sugar in a zip top
Stove (Omnilite, with the pump and 350mL bottle left connected. I wrap my leather gloves around the stove so it doesn't wear on the pack or other stuff)

For water, I have a 48oz Nalgene Cantene in each side, with a Blue Desert SmarTube I alternate between them. I had some leaks with that last time (hadn't been a problem before), but I noticed the cap threads have white stress marks. Not sure what happened to it, but I'm considering trying either the Source ConverTube instead, or switching to Platypus Hoser bags.

So far, I'm setting the Cantenes on top of my other gear, but not hanging them from the top of the pockets. I wish Seek had put D-rings in there instead of the toggles. I don't use Seek's stuff sacks.

I keep my smaller gear (folding knife, lighter, headlamp, flatware, etc.) in a HPG Kit Bag.

I don't have a Talon or a lid, but I did buy the straps to pull the pack's rolled main opening ears down to the sides. Overall, it makes for a pretty sleek unit. I wish the main bag didn't have the zipper.


Jun 4, 2021
Thanks for the reply. You are correct that I already ordered the pack. In fact it arrived yesterday, about 6 weeks earlier than SO estimated. Looking forward to figuring out how I want to organize everything!

Mudd Foot

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Sep 17, 2013
My pack is a Saker. For the walk in to base camp; one side has REI chair with small sock, sock liner, and underwear Kifaru ultralight pullout on top. The other side has rain jacket and pants.

In day pack mode I throw whatever I might want to be handy. Could be gloves, beanie, fleece jacket. The other would be water filter (Katadyn Befree 1L) and possibles pouch.

Hope this helps.

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Apr 2, 2022
I've got a brooks 7400. Only pack I'll ever need. I use it dayhunting to meathauling.

Pocket organization: I usually keep my stove and food for the day on one side. I keep water on the other (two litre apple juice bottle is my go-to). I hang a first aid kit from the tab at the top of the pocket above my stove.

There is so much room . . .