Rain fly or no rain fly?

outdoor hunter

Well Known Rokslider
Feb 29, 2012
Marysville WA
I recently purchased a wall tent for base camp and I'm wondering do I purchase a rain fly, and if so would a regular tarp work?
I have been in wall tents with light rain and snow with no problem. I also have been in one when it snowed 3 feet and we had water beeding up on the ridge. Both times had no rain fly.
I do want a porch so my frame will be longer then my tent. Any suggestions would be great.


i always take a fly. i use blue tarp and wrap up my pack saddle with in on the way in and out. i use it as a rain fly if needed or a porch or as a kitchen cover. i use blue tarp b/c they are cheep, and they usually get ripped up packing in and out.