Real food for the Backcountry


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May 12, 2018
Need some ideas for real food to take hunting/scouting/backpacking

Tuna, chicken, or salmon packets

I've always enjoyed peanut butter on a tortilla with some cinnamon sprinkled in.

Pre packaged sealed cheese squares

Cooked Bacon

salami and pepperoni

String cheese and sealed cheese like the squares

Tortilla shells

Dried fruits


Peanut butter and jelly cups/packets


Am I missing anything else?

Trying to move away from eating so many dehydrated meals and bars. With dehydrated meals I have found the ones that DON'T make my butt leak and I'll keep eating those. With bars I've found a few I can eat for days and not get sick so I'll stick to those few.

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Shot me a message @mj23polaris and I'll send you a copy of our dehydrate guide. It'll give you some good options to get started in making your own foods if that you want to do. I think you'll find it to me much less intimidating than the average person thinks.