Rebuilding Pack Saddle


Well Known Rokslider
Mar 6, 2013
I have an old Sawbuck Pack saddle that has been sitting for probably 30 years. Leather doesn’t look good but the bars and tree appear to be solid and in good shape. I’ve looked into replacing all the leather straps, britchen, breast collar from Trailhead Supply or Outfitters Supply but buying all individually will run about the same as a new saddle would.
Anyone have an idea or source for 1”-1.25” harness leather straps in longer or full hide length? I can rivet or buckle as needed to rebuild but don’t really want to do it if it’s the same price.
Other idea I had was to switch to nylon webbing but that’s not as easy to work with.

Pony Soldier

Well Known Rokslider
Dec 31, 2021
Buy a side of 10 oz latigo, a good strip cutter, an edge shaver and a circle knife. All available from tandy or go to a local store. You might want a speedy stitcher awl and possibly a star wheel for hole spacing. A couple of tubes of barge cement will also help. If you have stock, these are all essential items. At night in the winter, I sew britchen, bridles and whatever I need.