Rock Pit Shooting


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Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho
Made another shooting trip today. It rained pretty decently last night, so I figured the farm would be muddy, so I headed to the Rock Pit. This time of the year I really do not like going to the Rock Pit, one because of the nice day somebody might already be there and two- the trash in the pit. It just bugs me that we shooters can get so messy. I really wonder why the people do not realize they are shooting themselves in the foot. The mess which will need to be cleaned up by US Forest Service people is gong to cost and cause a lot of hard feelings. It is only a matter of time and the FS is going to close the pit or the road to the pit. It you take it in - take it out

Anyway back to the point of the trip. I wanted to complete sighting the rifle in at 100 yards. I did set up a paper target and took two shots on the target. From my 50 yard target yesterday I ended up moving 2 clicks left and 6 clicks up. Took the 3rd shot at the paper and I was at noon and right at 2.75" inches high.

I had moved back to do-it-all load for the rifle .458-275 gr. Bloodline in a red Knight sabot. T7-2f powder - 110 grains by volume - thrown on site.

Here are some pictures of the outing... I really think the rifle is ready - now if hunting season would just get here - QUICKLY...


The last two shots of the afternoon were the fun ones. I picked out a Clay Pigeon Chip on the wall of the rock pit. It seemed like a chip that probably was about a 1/3rd to 1/2 of the original bird. Ranged it @ 109 yards, it was laying in loose soil so I was going to have to hit it to get rid of it. I did get it but it took two shots.

These are the spent primers from the shoot... I really like the looks of them.


Next trip - the plan is to get some velocities shooting through the chrono...