Rokon anyone?

Redneck Jihad

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Feb 2, 2013
Does anyone have a Rokon? If you dont know a Rokon is a 2 wheel drive motorcycle on steroids. I bought a brand new Rokon Scout in Oct from a dealer in Ft Lauderdale named Geoff Richardson. A great guy to deal with. Check them out at I have used it for several weeks on my Georgia deer lease and pulled my 3 deer out of the woods with it. The thing is awesome, alot more fun than an ATV. It can go places a ATV can only dream about. I bought a "Versa-Haul" hitch mounted carrier so I do not need a trailer to haul it. I cannot wait to take it to Colorado this elk season. Now I can park my truck and load my pack on the Rokon and drive to the trailheads. The roads I drive on to get to the areas I backpack are bad...and I mean REALLY bad roads. White knucklers. But the Rokon will make it a breeze. Just wondering if anyone else has one or has used one. I am having WAY too much fun on mine.


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Feb 24, 2012
Liberty Lake, WA
My Elk Hunting Family used them back in the early 80's.......they were very rustic and difficult to manuever back then, but they would climb a tree and pack elk like a motorcycle on roids as you just had to make sure you did not need to steer much as it was not the most nimble thing on two wheels. I am sure they have come a long ways in 30+ yrs.