Rokslide and Forum Rookie


Junior Member
Feb 18, 2021
Hey guys, I’m a new member to Rokslide. After reading some articles and posts, I figured this was a forum I could join. I’m not a social media person or on any other forums so I am a rookie when it comes to that stuff. It’s great to see guys helping each other out and I am excited to learn from your experiences. I’ve been hunting and fishing for over 20 years and earn a living as a Forester. I am lucky enough to make a living and spend over 200 days in the woods per year in some way or another in the western UP. Most of my hunting is whitetail, a few good black bear hunts and small game. I’m looking forward to my first Mule Deer hunt in the fall of 21. I figured that’s a good starting point as I build points and get into learning new country. Thanks in advance for the knowledge and hopefully a few tricks I’m sure to pick up from you guys.