Savage 110 338 LM


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Mar 31, 2016
Im interested in a 338 Lapua. I've never owned a Savage. I looked at on today at Field and Stream. Anyone have experience with this gun? Thoughts? Price is appealing compared to others in that caliber.

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May 13, 2015
I was at a gun shop the other day, and took a look at it. It felt good to me, well balanced, but to heavy to lug around as a hunting rifle. If you want it for LR target shoting, it shopuld get the job done. But, if you want it for hunting, the weight is a big consideration, in my book anyway. And I want some weather-proofness in a hunting rifle, and that Carbon steel just doesn't cut it for me, for a hunting rifle.

It looks good, and feels good, but it is clearly not as finished as other 338 Lapua rifle makers. I have no idea about how accurate the 110 is, but Savage has a good reputaion for factory rifle accuracy. Considering that this is their first 338-L I would hope they would take the steps to ensure accuracy. But hey, I'm guessing you can get some actual user fedback here.