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Scapegoat 35 question


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Jan 2, 2019
Is this pack more along the lines as a day pack or will it haul a decent load? If you have experience with this pack hauling meat would like to hear your opinions about this particular model.


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Dec 28, 2018
I don’t have any hands on experience, but what I’ve gathered from looking around so far is that the scapegoat 35 is more of a day pack. Not necessarily set up for meat hauling ability and if it was it would be hauled internally. No idea what the frame is like for the scapegoat 35. In terms of day packs with meat hauling ability, I think you’d be looking more at the MR pop up 18 or 28. Set up as a day pack with the ability to convert to more of a frame pack.
However like I said I’ve never actually had my hands on either so someone can correct me if I’m wrong.


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Mar 9, 2013
I have had the Scapegoat 35 for about a year and have only done a few treadmill training sessions with mine loaded to about 35 lbs.
It's actually for sale in the classifieds.
The Scapegoat 35 has 2 carbon fiber (pretty sure their carbon fiber) rod stays that fit in sleeves within the pack. They run the full length of the pack.
The stays do extend tall enough for me to get functional load lift when the load lifter straps are tightened.
At 35 lbs, the pack did very well and the belt held in place great. It was actually very comfortable. I bought mine for whitetail hunting, but I like my other whitetail pack better due to more organization.
The Scapegoat 35 is designed primarily as a day pack, but I think it could handle 40-45lbs pretty well.
Hope this helps


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Nov 14, 2016
I have had the scapegoat 35 for a couple seasons now very good day pack i packed out a boned out muley in it one year it did fine i have a 18 inch torso and i got use from the load lifters i think is like 23 inches tall is it made for heavy loads no when i elk hunt i take my mr pintler or my kifaru duplex i really only use it for turkey or predator hunting it is very light and you don't even know its on your back very comfortable but if your going to be doing heavy loads i would get a pack with a full frame