Sell the Green egg for a Pellet Grill?


Senior Member
May 6, 2015
Littleton, CO
I have a RecTec pellet grill and am very happy with it. I disagree with some of the comments about pellet grills. Mine CAN do a great job on burgers and such. It does this by adding the Sear kit (which oh, by the way, could work on other brands of pellet grills). It works really well ... the issue is that everything takes that much longer compared to using a traditional grill like a Weber. Personally I have found that things like Wild game steaks and Burgers do taste better on my RecTec, if you have the luxury of time. It's not great of you just want to knock out some burgers/hot dogs in short order. My wife wants me to get another gas grill for her to use when I'm not around as she doesn't want to mess with the smoker & time aspect.

I do not own a Big Green Egg, but my brother inlaw does and he has created some masterpieces on it (His breakfast pizza is to die for), but again it's time-consuming. I tend to think that all the pellet grills are pretty good, so it's a matter of whatever floats your boat. Some are just more overpriced (IMHO) than others. :)