Selling my Toelke Whip Takedown :/

Jacob Chapman

Senior Member
Jan 29, 2013
Money issues, hopefully with my bonus in August I will be able to buy a couple bows to replenish the stable

Toelke Whip Takedown 50# @ 29.5" (Can be drawn up to 32" I believe) it's 64"
Myrtle limbs, bocote veneers and bighorn sheep tips. Bunch of materials to make arrows.
half doz zwickey glue on delta 135 gr
100 feathers truflight 4" shield cut right wing chartreuse
100 nocks bohning white glue on
dipping tube
doz glue on field points 135 grains
2 sticks hot melt glue
alcohol lamp for putting on heads. Would like to sell as a package preferably

link is in the classifieds, I have multiple pictures if anyone is interested.