Shooting workout


Well Known Rokslider
Jun 12, 2012
Piedmont, SD
Different variations of this out there but is a good workout and will really tell you how forgiving your set up is. For bowhunting mainly.

10 burpees and then immediately shoot a fixed blade broadhead 50 yards at a 3-D whitetail target. Then shoot three FP's at the same target. Fast jog to target to get arrows, fast jog back (yes I jogged carrying arrows) and repeat. I just did 10 sets with no rest periods. If you are going to rest don't do it after the burpees, pick up the bow and shoot the fixed blade.

I was 7 of 10 with the broadheads and 25 of 30 with the FPs in the vitals. I had another BH in the vitals on the target but it was high and too far forward so I didn't count it. Here were the sets:

1 all in
2 BH high and forward, FP all in
3 all in
4 all in
5 all in
6 BH high and forward FP all in
7 BH in FP 2 in 1 low
8 BH High FP all in
9 BH in FP 1 high 1 low (missed target) 1 in
10 BH in FP 1 high and forward, 1 low missed target 1 in

By elk season I want to be 10/10 and 30/30