Short plains trip, Colorado


Well Known Rokslider
Jun 2, 2013
Son and I took a drive out to see some old friends and check things out on the eastern plains today. Lot of standing water and temp was 65. Very odd for August. Friends garden was as productive as ever and we came home loaded. We took the time to go look over some of the bedding areas we hunt. Weed growth looks real good this year, corn is also high and should be a great year for rack growth.

I was standing on a favorite crossing and son and I discussed in normal voices what things looked like. On a whim I gave a loud whistle and a 135 class 5x5 went bouncing out about 30 yards away. Nice to see a youngster running around and hope to see his grandpappy in December. From what I saw, eastern plains tag holders should have a nice fall. Dodged severe storms on way home.