Shoulder Strap Carriers w/ Trekking Poles?


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Sep 26, 2017
Kenai, Alaska
For folks that have run the peak or cotton or similar camera carrier mounts that affix to the shoulder straps on backpacks, have folks used them with trekking poles for any extended periods? If so, how did the mount work, and was the camera on your upper chest much of a hassle or get thrown around much in use?

I’d like to get one to use this year so I end up shooting with my A7iii more on trekking trips than resorting to my iphone. My only concern is how well it will work with my poles which I almost always use. Can see easy rolling stretches being no big deal but steep uphills where I’m bringing arms up high as I climb possibly a different story, which vast majority of my hiking is steep.

Thank you in advance for any insight.


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Sep 18, 2017
This applies to the Cotton Strapshot. I put mine so the D ring at the top is just at or a little above where my collar bone extends to my shoulder. This puts it right above the chest strap, but pushes the chest strap down a bit. Lower than I like, so I cut a hole in the holster strap and thread the chest strap through it (small slice and burn the edges of the hole). You can use the chest strap to pull the camera in and away from your arm. But mounted high like that it really hasn't been in the way for my arm. All this applies to the left shoulder strap on my pack since I am right handed.

Any lens longer than 6" will hit with my arm on occasion. It's not a setup for big lenses and lots of activity.
The mount does put the camera out in front a bit off the shoulder strap. Probably puts the bottom of the camera an inch or a little more in front of the strap which also helps it clear my bicep and shoulder.

If you use a zoom, you will really want one with a zoom lock.