Sitka cargo box with MR frame??


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Jan 25, 2020
Hey guys. First of all - I apologize if some of you think this is a completely stupid idea!

I am looking at buying a Sitka whitetail pack (specifically the cargo box). I hunted mule deer last year with a small daypack and it worked but was not great. We didn't pack out anything unfortunately so that was not really a problem as far as the pack goes.

I spend the bulk of my time whitetail treestand hunting. What I am looking at is possibly buying a mystery ranch frame (or another frame) and using that frame with my sitka bag when I go out west. That way I would have a whitetail specific bag for treestand hunting but could then attach the bag to the MR frame for western style hunting where I may need to pack out an animal. The sitka cargo box detaches from the shoulder straps but does not really have a load shelf for meat. It is made to haul stands and sticks but I think it would be uncomfortable with a load of meat. The main reason I don't like the MR bags is that the material is extremely loud. When I'm screwing around in the dark up in a tree I want to have a quiet bag - otherwise I'd just use a MR bag with their frame. Also, if I ever did an elk hunt or something I could then buy a larger bag to attach to the frame pack for more room and still have my dedicated whitetail pack.

Aside from the cost of this - does this make any sense? Any suggestions on what frame to look at if I were going to attempt this? Thanks for the help!


Dec 13, 2017
I have a million thoughts on this. Sent you a message.

Overall, you'd be hard-pressed to find a base frame better suited for this task than the 22-24" Kifaru Duplex Lite or Tactical.