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May 1, 2019
Hi, I've got a couple of killer items for sale today. Prices include shipping to U.S. addresses only and payment via PP F&F.

First is a Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker ultralight tent. I purchased this from the original owner about a year and a half ago, it's the previous generation. It had been used a couple of times but wasn't seam sealed so I sealed it using a kit from Six Moon. I haven't used it, only set up a few times in my basement. No rips or tears, it's in very good condition. Small footprint but tons of room inside and pitches with five stakes. Comes with two Six Moon 45" 3 piece poles to use without trekking poles, 8 Wise Owl stakes, and original storage sack. This is a great ready to use package. Only selling because I have a Lunar Solo and just purchased a Durston Xmid1 so don't need all these one person tents. Asking $150 SOLD.

Next ive got a NEMO Tango Solo and a Tango Duo quilt. I've used the Solo a few times and the Duo on a few backpacking trips with my girlfriend but haven't used either in a few years. The Duo works great for one person too if you like to move around a lot. Both were purchased new from REI and have been washed in down friendly detergent since last use. Really nice quilt/sleep systems that are rated to 30 degrees. Both include storage bags, pack bags, and slip covers.

Asking $150 SOLD for the Solo and $175 for the Duo. Only Solo pictured, duo identical but wider.

Thanks for looking!


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