Spotter decisions


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Sep 9, 2020
I’ve reached the point that I need to buy a spotter. Anyone in the general vicinity of Kansas City have one they’d be willing to let me look through to help make the decision? I’m interested in 65/85mm Razor HD, Harpia, STS/ATS, STX/ATX, or ...?

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For me I think Kowa 884 and Zeiss Harpia 85mm should be your go to. I have experience with the Kowa 884 as I own one. However just get what suits you depending on various factors, price especially.


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May 28, 2013
Littleton, CO
Whatever you decide on I would search eBay, craigslist, and other online classifieds for a gently used one before paying retail. Most companies have lifetime transferable warranties if you have problems.

I personally would avoid vortex.


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Jan 13, 2016
Don't over look Kowa 601,602 with 20x60 eyepiece , really light , priced good, good optics, close enough optically ditched swaro 65hd


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Jan 8, 2020
I went through this last spring and went with the Meopta S2. I had it narrowed down between the ATS and the Meopta. I just couldn’t justify the price of the atx models and actually looked through one this week on a goat hunt and I am still happy with my choice considering the price gap. To me the Meopta was every bit as good if not better than the ATS and at a better price. Look at what you can and go from there. I was dead set on the ATS when I decided I was getting a new one until I used the Meopta.

I also went through a similar process, but did not consider Swarovski at all, I just couldn't afford to go that far for the amount of times I will use it each year, plus trying to raise kids, possibly get into a new house, school fees, try and stash a little for retirement etc., my budget stretched to the Kowa 883 and I then I noted the Meopta S2 on special at CL. I read every review, all favorable. There was also a comprehensive review completed where the S2 only lost out to the Swarovski 95mm in one area, light gathering which makes sense given your comparing an 82mm obj to the 95mm. In short it came in second place to the 95mm Swarovski. I went with the S2 20-70x82 a good deal cheaper than the Kowa 883 and I have to say the view is brilliant and it is, for it's performance a relatively compact spotter . The view is also great at 70x, I cant see what the extra few thousand dollars might have given me in this instance, I doubt I would miss any game with this over a Swarovski. I confess I am intrigued by the new swarovski day perhaps, but it wouldn't replace the s2 as a packable unit..

Buying a decent spotter is expensive, and you really need to think about the value cost for what you get, and if your not super wealthy, how much extra work at the end you have to do to own xyz product. understand sometimes as humans we have just "got to have it" I'm no different either in many respects.

For mine the S2 when on special gives you Swarovski performance for a lot less outlay.