Feb 6, 2021
Most of us have had enough winter for one reason or another. Some with imborrable Winters , many still going thru somewhat drought years.
The very worst for me at my age is, I just can't wait for the Hunting and fishing seasons to begin.
As we get older it seems like we need to move right into the next years seasons. Most young guys never think of these things as Myself was no different..
Keeping in good shape, which also gets harder when the ole age creep's on us all and believe me it comes quicker then on thinks.
My decoys are all painted up! From my Goose decoys to me Duck Deeks along with my Brant Deeks.
We here in Oregon hunt through January, then its time for the winter months to begin and a steady path for me anyway to keep as busy as possible. I'm one whom doesn't sit around well.
So its Deeks ready for the next season. I then move right into, at least this year making a few Scull oars as that has became a thing of the past. Not just building Scull Boats or the Oars needed But the plain fact that many are just not taking up the sport of Sculling which too me is one of the most exciting things about Duck, Goose, and Brant hunting.
Its work, Knowledge and all the ups and downs with duck and goose Hunting. I think most of all its the time required to learn all the techniques it takes to be come a good Sculler. TIME! Learning your Birds, Water conditions, Sunny Days vs Cloudy Days, Back Drops, if your lucky enough to have one, Boat Colors, Put all these things together adds up an art that is loosing ground.
When It comes to Duck and Goose Hunting its all fair ground for me as I love both. But there is a time for each more than most know.
With Deeks ready, Scull Boat ready, shot guns, all cleaned and put away, Scull Oars Built all ready for another season.
Waiting for these seasons to kick off once again I'm now getting my Spring Chinook Gear out and set up for Salmon fishing to Kick off here in April and another new beginning.
Winding down from Spring Chinook Season We will move right into some Ocean fishing. Then our fall Salmon move into the estuaries in August and were really getting closer to Duck season. One thing at a time! Deer season kicks off here in western Oregon in October followed close by the opening of Duck/Goose season. I will pass this season on my annual Colorado Mule Deer hunt as with a couple medical issues will hamper me a litter that time of the year. Hunting at 9,000 ft is getting harder each season but usually well worth the rewards.
Then with everything kicking off and running into one another along comes my favorite hunt by far, The Pacific Brant season which runs through the 15 of December. Growing up as a youngster this season opened in Nov and closed in Feb 18th with a limit of 4 birds 12 in possession. I wrote an article pertaining to those limits and dates of today.
So gentleman with Winter winding down we can all look forward in our 2022 seasons to begin.
From Applying and getting our hunts lined out to the gear ready, crossing all the T's, sighting in, or patterning your shot guns, then a wait for our individual dates to begin.
I'm hoping each and every one of you sportsman get the hunts You apply for, that the Ducks/Gosse, Deer/Elk, upland Bird and all the other Hunts become a Safe enjoyable season for all.. This is and has been a very enjoyable site to come too and read what many have to say. even though controversy looms with every article as it should be.. Thanks for letting me participate..
Hunter now 74