Surprise NV elk tag: 111 - 115 Antlerless, Dec 5 - Jan 1


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Jul 25, 2016
Portland, OR
I drew a late-season antlerless elk tag for Nevada Unit 111-115. Non-resident odds were about 9%, so I was surprised to draw this being my first year. My plan was to get it within a few years, and maybe the bull archery tag in a few decades (probably not an exaggeration).

Any Roksliders have experience with this hunt and willing to chat privately?

My elk hunting experience is limited to Roosevelt elk on the Oregon coast, where I've killed 3 in the past 5 years with my bow and helped pack out two more. I've hunted/scouted hundreds of days in that time, so am confident "elk hunting" but clueless about this new area.

I've researched NDOW information and done a good bit of e-scouting and have been playing phone tag with the office in Ely.

At this point, I'd appreciate any tips about the herd behavior in unit 111, average weather situation, and vehicle requirements. It looks bitter cold that time of year, so would I need a camper? Could a tipi and stove work? I do not have pack animals and would likely be solo but will potentially have a non-hunting partner (my Oregon elk hunting bud).

I am competent with a rifle, but no long-range magician so would only be confident out to about 300 yards. Will this get it done in that terrain or do I need to sharpen my rifle skills further this summer?