Apr 10, 2020
Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys my 2020 spring bear! Shot it on cinco de mayo sonim a little late posting lol. Its my first bear after 3 hears of hunting them. Had opportunities at smaller bears but i wanted a decent first bear. Turning the hide into a rug! Got about 40lbs of jalepeno pepperjack pepperoni sticks that are delicious!!! and a few packs of steaks in the freezer.

Hunt story:
The week of Cinco de Mayo me and my work crew took lunch at the base of a BLM road that I've never been to before. As i was sitting in the work truck I was looking around and seeing some pretty good units off into the distance so I got on onxmaps and marked them. Later that week when more decent hunting weather presented itself I went exploring those units and slowly made my way up the mountain glassing the cuts. As I was making my way to the farthest isolated unit that looked most promising, I stopped on a ridge just inside the timber with good-looking cuts on both sides. When I stepped out of the truck I got a funny feeling in my stomach, that I can sum up with a few words, "gas station burrito" 😅😅😅 Thank god for wet wipes!

Since i was in a hurry i still had my bino harness on and everything, so when i was done I took a quick glance into a little open area overlooked on the map, that could only be seen from my "special stump", and this is what I found! 363 yards, one 200gr eldx from the xbolt and it dropped in its tracks and rolled to the bottom 😅 Got a couple buddies to come help pack well into the night, and made some memories! IMG_20200506_064541_897.jpg