Theron Questa HD-ED


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Aug 6, 2020
Oregon Cascades
I just got a pair of these today. I haven't had the opportunity to do an extensive tripod comparison yet, but sizing them up against my Monarch HGs I am extremely impressed. The only real difference I can notice at a glance is that the Questa actually controls CA a little better. I would confidently say these are the best sub $500 binocular I've looked through.

In that range I've owned Viper HDs and Kowa BDII-XDs. The Theron beats both. The Kowa was similarly sharp in the center but the Theron has a much larger sweet spot. I had a MIJ Razor HD last year and though I can't do a side by side I would feel confident saying the image quality you get with the Theron is at least as good. They have dielectric coatings and ED glass, which are fairly standard at this price point these days. The field flattener makes the biggest difference IMO. The edge to edge clarity is pretty sweet for a bino available for $399 off Amazon. It's as good as the Monarch HG as far as I can tell, which is more than 2x the price.

I've spent a lot of time looking through my roommate's C1s. They have an incredible image for the price but people complain about the field of view. The 8x42 Questa has an image at least as good and a 426 ft FOV that's sharp pretty close to the edge.

Really good option for guys who want to save some cash. About $100 cheaper than the Viper HD or Leupold BX-4 (which I haven't looked through but have heard great things about).

Basically my only complaint is the focus knob on my sample is a little fast and loose for my liking.