Things you wish you knew about elk hunting


Well Known Rokslider
Sep 10, 2020
Outside of the hunting aspect - proper hydration was an issue the first time out for me. I was in a spot that had plenty of clear, cool, delicious spring water - just didn't drink enough.

100% on the slowing down. I didn't get busted by a cow but by a trailing young bull last time. If I would have been paying more attention I could have gone around or THB he was legal and still being a virgin I probs would have just shot him.

Also if there is an obstacle and its between trying to move around dead fall and crunchy leaves and giving a toot on the cow call - maybe try the cow call, esp if they're in range. I think that you have a better chance of moving them 2 feet then having to move yourself 20 without them disappearing or getting busted.

Double check your maps downloaded to your phone properly before heading out if you don't have a hard copy. Man does that suck.


Well Known Rokslider
Apr 28, 2021
Again,as posted above should have started earlier. Not so much about the hunt. Should have studied point system's earlier for different states not just for me, but for my kids to build their points. Have hunted a few times where we had access to nice cozy warm cabin , but had to drive . Should have slept on cold ground closer to elk