Thinking of taking a small step into Traditional Archery....


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May 9, 2015
Been kicking around the idea of picking up Traditional archery here recently and was curious what and how others have started.

My goal is pretty simple....Mostly I'm getting into this for upland bird hunting, Grouse. Wanting something lightweight, simple, and quiet so I can mess around when scouting for elk/deer or stump-shooting when doing my mountain cardio.

Planning to stay with shooting high speed carbon fiber missiles out of my compound for big game.

While the idea of carving a self bow from Osage sounds romantic, it is just not reasonable given my un-lack of other hobbies....So ILF it is. Did see a lot of good posts on different preferences on makers of ILF's and while the sexiness of the custom wood riser is tempting, I was thinking of starting with a basic/metal version.

Where I am headed:

Hoyt Excel 21" ILF Riser
-More forgiving: Longer riser equals longer brace height and better string angles is my theory on this.
-More customization
-If I upgrade, pass to my kids

Now for the fun part....Questions:

1- Does the above sound like I'm in the ballpark?

2- My draw length on compound is 29, what limbs should I be looking at? With a 21" riser a set of limbs of 23" will give me 62" total length, correct? I lose 5" of my riser due to the bolt being placed not at the end of the riser.

3- Assuming the above is correct I am now looking at a loss on my lbs, limbs @ 35-40 will probably be a little the 32-37 range?

3- Looking at Snaro points which seem extremely big/heavy, small one is 200 grns on 3 Rivers. Will the 35-40lb drive enough speed to launch such a heavy arrow 15-20 yards before they plummet to the ground?

4- Arrows? Where do i even start? Maybe looking in wrong places, but can't find nearly the information on traditional arrows as I can for the micro diameter carbon arrow.....

5- What the heck else am I missing and should be thinking about?

Thanks in advance.

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