Thought id introduce myself


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Feb 28, 2012
Longview, Wa
So I heard about this site on another forum, had to check it out and like what I'm seeing far. Hope to be an active member and gain from or contribute to the site. My name is Ty, I'm 31 and live in SW Washington, I hunt the four otc big-game every year and hope to draw an oil tag some year. My first love is Blacktail, I've been fortunate to put a tag on a buck every year since I was 11, taken a few Elk, a handfull of Bear, and one Cougar. This year I'm going to up the bar, and try to do a high buck blacktail hunt for a real trophy. I eat, sleep, breath hunting. Right now I'm doing the trailcam thing, and spending every free minute I have shed hunting and picking up bones. I'm glad I have a wife and two kids that put up with my addiction, my oldest daughter at seven last year passed her hunters safety and I hope to help her this year bag her first biggame animal. Thanks for taking the time to read, enough about me already, let's get back to hunting.

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Arteman, just the kind of members we are looking for. Welcome. As things develop around here and you see a need to submit a gear review, article, etc. let us know. We are always updating our prostaff and you might just fit the bill.