Tines Up - Phone digiscoping adapter


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Sep 26, 2018
I’ve had a few different setups over the years and have never been satisfied with price for what you get, construction, weight, bulk or just not easy to get a consistent view between the phone and spotter.

I’ve seen a few talk about the Tines Up Phonecam and decided to give it a shot. This is a purely from the deck opinion, so no long term field use, actually it just arrived yesterday. So far I’m impressed, construction seems to be very good with little weight and bulk.

I went with the Phonecam provided phone case for my IPhone X and it is easy to put on and very secure, for $35 for the case I think it’s worth the price since it also has the adapter on it for the universal eyepiece connector. They did put it to align with the 1x 28mm lens vs the 2x 56mm which with my phone doesn’t allow you to zoom past 1.9x because it then changes to the 2x lens and I couldn’t find a setting to stop this but if I zoom in the sporter a little and put the phone on 1.6x I can remove the black circle.

While I hate to push non sponsor products, to my knowledge they are not a sponsor, this product is worth considering as others before me have said. I didn’t weigh it but it doesn’t weigh much at all.

I can still slide my phone into the top sleeve of my AGC bino harness with the case on and put it in my pocket, the adapter on the case doesn’t stick out far at all.

Here is a picture of how it came packaged.


Jordan Budd

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Aug 8, 2012
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Totally a great option. I'm not a phoneskope fan and these are what I started with. I also bought a mounting adapter for my camera so I can swap the eye piece portion between my phone and camera. I still use their system for the cameras but have gone to outdoorsmans new phone case for iPhone. I'd recommend either of them. And in my opinion, tines up are the ones that started the digiscoping revolution and they still are going strong.


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Sep 23, 2016
Richland MT
Just curious if you're still happy with this setup?? Seems like the simplest & most universal setup out there for the $$. My only uncertainty is which case or tab setup I should get. Already have an otterbox for my phone, guess it's a matter of wanting to stick a tab to that and hope it stays on and isn't in the way throughout the year or get the case with adapter on it and just swap cases around hunting season....