Tree sitter goin' west !


Junior Member
Jan 30, 2017
Winona, MN
HI gang.

I'm fairly new to Rokslide, but been looking around for a bit. Got here via Gritty Bowmen and other connections.

My name is Eric. I'm in SE Minnesota's Driftless area. Avid bowhunter, LOVE shooting turkiezz, duck hunter, fish chaser... and soon to be Elk hunter.

As of Jan 2016, I am planning my first DIY Elk archery hunt. I'll update those who are interested.

For now, I workout, cut weight, collect gear, shoot shoot shoot my bow. Hike for whitetails sheds. Kill tirkeez in 3-4 states.

I've had a recent career change and now work in the GIS world. love making maps and spend way too much time studying'em!!

Looking forward to being a part of this forum. Seems like a good group and good place!