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Aug 25, 2020
Sorry in advance if this has been answered but I searched the forum with no luck. I've finally started upgrading my layering system and am looking for some advice on an upper body mid-layer. I hunt primarily MD public lands (whitetail archery), where the season runs through Jan.

My current setup:

Top: FL Aerowool Wick
FL Furnance quarter Zip
ScentBlocker Apex Jacket (100% windproof, 100% waterproof, made of polyester its not insulated but i stay pretty warm in it)

Bottom: FL Aerowool Wick Bottoms
FL Furnance Bottoms
FL Corrugate Guide pants
FL Solitude bibs

Other: Various FL socks & Balaclava

I've been leaning towards a super heavy mid-layer so that i have a wider range of use as opposed to buying a brand new late season insulated jacket. Especially because I really like the Apex jacket and have been ok in single digit temps in the past (i've just been wearing a ton of inefficient layers (hoodies, long sleeve t's etc.) I get 30% off FL gear, and was looking into a down jacket but worry the Brooks wouldn't be warm enough and don't think the uncompaghre would fit under my Apex jacket.

Long story short, any recommendations for a super warm mid-layer to add to my top system or should I just go with a more insulated outer layer (solitude or sanctuary jacket).

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Aug 1, 2020
I’ve found the solitude jacket to be money for me. I hunt the northeast and the temps during the late season average low teens, occasionally below zero. I found a kiln hoody, Klamath fleece, and the solitude to keep me plenty warm in the worst of it. Although I am adding a sawtooth vest to my kit this year for sale of bow arm articulation, will likely replace the Klamath and maybe add a wick 150 as a lighter base layer.

sounds like maybea vest optionmight fit with what you need as well. Minimal bulk under layers, and if you keep your core warm the rest doesn’t feel so bad. For more insulation the brooks down vest would add a lot of warmth (you’d be surprised) or you could check out the catalyst or sawtooth vests, for something a little leaner but still with warmth value as part of a layering system. Hope this helps