Trick Pin?


Well Known Rokslider
Sep 18, 2012
Southern Utah
I was reading the article here on Rokslide about setting up a trick pin. I tried this a couple years ago with little success. The article helped educate me a bit and proivided some detailed instructions. Is it pretty easy to do? Anyone with experience doing this?

Confidence in a trick pin may have helped me when I missed a 190 buck I had watched all summer that suprised me at 26 yards one morning with my range finder still in my pack. I know... i really shouldnt need a range finder at that range but I guessed 40 and it went right over his back. I blame buck fever and still get sick about it to this day. Learned a lot that day but reading that article made me realize that if I had a trick pin system I may have been able to get one into him.