Tripod heads & the radius it moves the ocular around.


Well Known Rokslider
Nov 5, 2021
So I've been looking at different tripod heads for my Slik CF-634 paired with a Sirui ball head which I'm going to love because of how light this setup is compared to my Manfrotto (which was purchased and used solely for photography, mind you.)

I'm loath to spend a lot of money on this but was looking at the outdoorsman series. I noticed they have what I call a grip action ball head. A tall ball head that you grip with your hand and squeeze a lever to adjust it. I used to have a Manfrotto one, but switched to a true ball head.

When it comes to using binoculars with a tripod head, it seems that a grip action would cause you to have to move your head too far if you adjusted up or down. The height that your binoculars are above the pivot point makes that radius that that ocular piece travels to be quite significant. Maybe it's not much more different than any other head system. What are your thoughts?

I'm guessing most of you are either using traditional ball heads or fluid heads.