Ultimate Olympus 3 lens Nature/Wildlife kit, free camera up to $2,999.99 value, thru 7/5/2020

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Jan 13, 2017

This is NOT a misprint
When you buy the following 3 lenses you have your choice of 3 different cameras to choose from for FREE.

First the lenses

Olympus has come up with a 3 lens Wildlife/Nature kit

It includes the following lenses, all from their Elite Pro series. There are no better lenses on the market from any camera company in anything close to these ranges
7-14mm 2.8 (14-28mm in 35mm terms)
40-150mm 2.8 (80-300mm in 35mm terms) Nobody makes a lens like this
300mm F4 (600mm in 35mm terms) Sony makes one for $12,999.00, is 6.7 Lbs, vs $2899.99 Olympus before this crazy deal and weighs 3.25 Lbs

So now we get to the cameras that you can choose from:
E-M1 Mark II , Honestly, unless you have 1 and want a back up body that you want to work the exact same way I would go with the next camera. $1,699.99
E-M1 Mark III Newest in this series. Fast, great in low light weatherproof. $1,799.99

E-M1X This is the fastest focusing camera on the market today. This has the built in grip. It's larger and heavier and unless you are shooting auto racing the best option is the E-M1 Mark 3. The E-M1x runs $2,999.99

So here it is. The three lenses add up to $5,799.99 and then you get 1 of the cameras for FREE. Yes FREE. WAIT, it gets BETTER, we will knock off $300.00 as well,
We very much appreciate your support, so you pay $5,499.99 for all three lenses and the camera of your choice

Feel free to call me, 516-217-1000, to discuss this INCREDIBLE package


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Jan 13, 2017
They are selling the camera division, just like Nikon was sold to Mitsubishi a few years ago (Bet you did not know that) and Jaguar was sold to Tata motors of India.
They were sold to the largest hedge fund in Japan that has a history of improving every company they buy

This move has no effect at all other then they are planning new lenses and other products over the next year. They will have a 100-450mm (Equal to 200-900MM in full frame specs) Olympus America has made moves knowing this would happen and for the last year have positioned their cameras as ideal for wilderness, birding and high speed photography. Their E-M1X is the fastest focusing camera on the market. Ideal for Auto racing and birding, as birds make moves faster then any land animals.
Every Olympus camera from The E-M5 and up are all weatherproof, as are the bulk of their lenses.

Olympus has been the #1 selling crop sensor interchangeable lens system in Japan since February of this year

Feel free to contact me with any questions