Unit 6A/6C New Mexico Muzzleloader Mule Deer.


Feb 26, 2018
Lake Norden SD
My Brother, a good buddy, and myself finally got lucky in a group application for New Mexico unit 6A/6C muzzleloader mule deer this year. We are all experienced deer hunters, but mostly only have experience hunting mule deer in the northern states like SD, MT, ID, CO, WY. We have never hunted mule deer in New Mexico before. What can we expect to see for deer activity Oct 1-5 this year? Will the bucks still be in summer patterns? or are the bucks beginning to lay low in the timber around the first of October? Also, any general info on the units, 6A/6C, like roads that are closed or in rough shape, or generally the elevation deer will be at in this time frame, or areas we should stay away from etc. would be appreciated so we kind of know what to expect. I have always heard good deer come from Rio Arriba county, and I see that part of unit 6C is in it. What caliber of deer come from 6A/6C on a good year? I do realize it could be rough there this year with the drought. We plan to show up a few days early to scout before season opens, and do have a couple promising spots marked on On X to try. Thanks for any info in advance.