Units 21b or 24c


Well Known Rokslider
Jun 20, 2012
Was looking at leftover tags for another species and noticed both of these units were undersubscribed. Some quick searching shows that most hunts are done by running the Yukon and accessing the tributary rivers from there. It didn't seem like there were too many options for floats. Either the water is really skinny or deep/wide enough for jet and prop boats.

I was wondering if anybody around here has done a fly in drop hunt. I found a few lakes in each unit close to a little bit of elevation for glassing and calling that were 1/2 to 3/4 mile long and should be able to get a float plane into. I'm sure they are undersubscribed for a reason, but thought it would be worth it to see if I could get any kind of feed back before I started calling biologist and such for more in depth research.