Video thermal hog eradication 14 down


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Dec 12, 2014
Started the night with a coyote shot from about 100 yds. Spun around for a few seconds and fell over. Bullet entered behind shoulder and exited front of shoulder. That video didn't record (forgot to enable video mode on the Reap-ir) but it did remind me to enable video on the scope which allowed me to get the next 14 confirmed hog kills from this sounder on video.
Couple hours later driving/scanning I spotted "a couple" hogs.....
equipment used: 12.5" ARP upper in 6.8 SPCII from Eric at Blackstone Arms. Reap-IR thermal scope from Cliff at Third Coast Thermal. Sig Sauer 762 titanium QD suppressor from Silencer Shop. Helmet mounted PVS-14. Thermal Hog Eradication 14 Hogs down at XL Ranch - YouTube

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