Visualization - Low Cost vs Quality Bag


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Oct 8, 2019
Was putting away my MegaLite and noticed that I still have my down Slumberjack 20. Figured I’d take a couple photos to show the difference. All bags are hung in a closet when not in use.

Initially I was stoked to try the SJ bag. But each time I took it out, I’d be soaked and cold (no matter the temperature. Was a “low cost” down bag and I suffered because of it.

Bought a WM Antelope and MegaLite and they rock. Huge difference between the warmth, loft, and comfort of the WM bags compared to the SJ bag. Biggest lesson: buy quality as you can clearly see and feel the difference.

Loft comparison - SJ on the left and MegaLite on the right. The SJ is 20* and the MegaLite is 40*. The SJ is heavy and dense compared to the light and airy MegaLite. 984FD504-D176-41BE-B80B-CCB5922A38A3.jpeg

Comparison of the MegaLite and Antelope (just for fun).
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Jun 10, 2021
I have run into the same problem with my old (don’t use it any more) SJ… good comparison pics

Kevin Dill

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Aug 26, 2014
I've long said that a high quality sleeping bag is a smart investment for a serious hunter. You'll spend 1/3 of your total hunting trip in it. You'll sleep and rest better in it. Unless you damage it, a superior bag (like a WM bag) will last you decades with average care. How many pairs of $200-$500 boots will you go through in 20 years? I've never seen the logic in owning an average bag unless all your gear is average and you just go on average hunts in average conditions.