Volt Training app


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Mar 30, 2017
Anyone on here using the Volt training app? I started using it 4 days per week in early June when the high school weight room opened back up. I teach at the school so I have free 24 access. My two sons are 12 and 14 and use the app for PE class. We all love it, except I am not sure what training settings to set it on.

I am 42 years old and in decent shape. I'm 5'-10" and 155 lbs (I am built more like Greg McHale than Aaron Snyder!), but I haven't "worked out" seriously in about 14 years or ever since my oldest son was born. Now that they are older and we have an elk hunt planned for October I'm back into getting more serious. I will say that I'm not a sitter, I don't lounge around and watch TV. I'm always up and working on something. I don't use tobacco or alcohol, or any other drugs. I don't even drink caffeine. Just 64 oz of water each day. I try to eat healthy, lots of wild game, fresh fruits and vegetables but sneak in a little ice cream every once in a while.

The app asks you the basic questions about height, weight, physical condition, etc, and then asks what type of activity you are training for. I lists all types of sports, but does not list mountain hunting. The closest I could find was military/tactical. I was in the Army for 6 years so I felt it was a natural fit. Last week I got to messing with the settings trying to fine tune some things and today it drastically changed my workout. It was geared more towards muscle endurance. I suppose this isn't a bad thing, but I want make sure that I am preparing for the hunt in the best way possible.

For instance my workout today was calf stretches and hip flexor stretches. Sprinter situps 3x8 per side, plank with shoulder touch 3x8 per side, BW lunges 3x12 per side and DB curls to front squat, to overhead press 3x12, BB reverse lunge 3x15, BW single leg hip bridge 3x12 per side, DB RDL (wide) 3x15, and band lateral walk 3x20 per side. So lots of high rep stuff.

Does anyone use the app and have any suggestions, or does anyone see any flaws in what I am currently doing? I will throw in that I started doing pack hikes with 20 lbs at 3 miles on my off days. I'll bump that up in weight and distance as I get closer to the season.