Vortex or Maven


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Jun 29, 2017
I feel like the spotting scopes are where the disparity was very noticeable. Don't get me wrong, my 12X50 ELs are noticeably better than my old B.2s, but I could have definitely lived with them more easily than my A.1 vs ATS my brother has. I skipped over the ATS and just ordered an ATX after about a year and a half of himming and hawing. Although, I will say that I think my 8X30 B3s were actually better than the 8X30 CL Swaros. Better field of view and I'd say the clarity etc. seemed on par or better than the CLs after a sheep hunt with both. If I were to do it again I'd either get the 8X32ELs or say to hell with it and just keep running the B.3s for compacts.


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Jul 27, 2017
Looking for some input. I'm in the $1000-$1200 range for new binos. I've been using two sets of Viper HD for hunting and scouting. Usually an 8x42 for hunting and a 10x50 for scouting. I'm wanting to both downsize to 1 pair and upgrade to a better glass. I've had good luck with my Vortex and have also been hearing good things about Maven. I can't afford Swaros or I'd have them on my watch list. My questions are, what would be a good go between size for one good all around pair and which are better quality? The Vortex Razor HD or Maven B1(I'm thinking 10x42). Or would I better better off looking at the Maven B2 in 9x45 or 11x45, or possibly finding a used set of Razor UHD in 10x42?
Not sure if you already made your decision but I have owned the B2 9x45 for 2-3 yrs now. I had zeiss terra in the past. I like the b2, they are great in low light and are very clear. They are definitely bigger then what you might expect though, the different prism style makes them longer. I have no had any issues with them and would definitely buy them again. I have never used anything higher end then these so take my experience for what it’s worth.


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Apr 8, 2021
I looked through binos in the store till my eyes bled and went with 8x42 Trinovids. Reading this thread makes me want to check out some Mavens though.