Wanted: September Dall cape for shoulder mount

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Jan 10, 2014
So I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on a cancellation Dall sheep hunt this year. Long story short, after I shot the ram at 137 yards head on, he didn't die right there like the internet told me they're supposed to when I googled it ;). He hobbled away into some cliffs and we lost him for 2 days. By time we found him a wolverine had been chewing on him pretty good, right on his back above the shoulders and on the neck, so the cape was toast.

I'd really like to get a shoulder mount done, so I'm looking for a cape if anyone has one or knows of someone who does. I shot him on September 2, so getting into the season a little. The taxidermist I plan to have do the work has an extra dall cape, but it's from early august and the hair is real short. I'd like to get one with a little longer hair if possible. Let me know if anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate it!