Washington 215/Sinlahekin Early Muzzleloader questions(or anyone decent at mule deer e-scouting)


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Oct 24, 2015
So after some thoughts I think Im gonna spend this opener(my first hunting muzzy!) in some new country. I usually hunt the west side or the area around Leavenworth/Wenatchee but I’ve always wanted to see the Sinlahekin.

I have two tags to fill in Montana this year, so while putting a deer in the freezer would certainly be nice, im not dying to do it. I’d just like to see some new country, and hopefully lay eyes on some deer. At worst it’ll be some scouting for next season when I may spend more time trying to fill my Washington tag.

I figure it’s a long shot, as I’m not sure how many on here are familiar with this area, but if that’s you - would you be willing to chat via PM about the area in general? Not looking to ask “where’s the biggest deer” or “what rock should I stand on”, but would like to run some ideas by you as well as ask what to expect as far as pressure and deer behavior.

If you have direct muzzy experience in this gmu, that would be ideal, but even archery or modern would most likely be helpful... alternatively, if you're decent at e-scouting areas for mule deer, I could also just send over a couple snaps/coordinates and get your thoughts on my game plans/discuss deer behavior.

Thanks in advance.
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