Waterproofing Paper Maps


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Nov 30, 2016
Midway, UT
Just one for the knowledge vault...

The other day I had a couple paper 8.5"x11" maps off of CalTopo that I wished I had printed on some Rite in the Rain paper for a trip. Problem was I don't have any Rite in the Rain Printer Paper. Don't have any Thompsons Water Seal either.

Grabbed a spray can of Spar Polyurethane off the shelf and gave the paper a coat (not enough to make everything glossy or run or soaked, but enough that after a minute of sitting the paper was wetted out).

Let it dry overnight, and crumpled it up in a glass of water and left it for a few minutes.

Inkjet printed sheet came out with "no drips, no runs, no errors".

Pencil writes and erases great on the treated paper.

Works good, and is a lot less messy than the stuff we used to have to paint onto our full sized paper topo maps.