Weekend with my Son

Hoytman 88

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2016
my son and i spent a 3 day weekend hunting pigs n turkeys. he shot a pig that he never took a pic with :( thurs night before i arrived . fri a.m. i went to work, shooting a small boar. fir pm we each had opportunities at pregger sows and passed. sat a.m. i found a Jake that wanted to work like a big boy, huge mistake! i take same approach on turkeys and elk. if they want to act like a big boy they can tip over like one. saturday evening my son had 2 boars that he couldnt quite get a clear shot on. i had different results and took a 190lb Stud! lil pig & 14'R.jpg Jake.jpg 20170506_213624.jpg 20170506_083104.jpg