When elk settle into summer routine


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Jul 6, 2016
Questions for you veteran elk hunters!

I went out this weekend to put some miles on my boots, test some new equipment, and scout a new area. I was able to locate a few different herds on public land but I am wondering if I am being naive about them sticking around. There is still snow on the north facing pockets up high and most of the elk were below snowline on south facing where the snow was gone and the forage was plentiful. They came out of the dark pine timber in the evening and went back in the next morning.

Without outside pressure, will the elk tend to stay in the areas they are in now? Or will they continue to chase the snow line up?

When do you typically wait until to start attempting to 'pattern' elk?

I had elk come into my camp before first light (barking while I was still asleep) and then had 3 bulls within 15 yards of my tarp while I was up the hill glassing. Bummed my camera was dead or I'd share some photos. I was not expecting to be in elk where I camped, but turns out they were all around me!

This photo was taken in the evening. Yellow circles indicate where I spotted elk.
elk locations.jpg
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