Wiggys stuff sack lid mod for bivy

Brunt The Grunt

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Mar 26, 2012
The wiggys stuff sack for the sleeping bags don't compress those bad boys down that well, we all know this lol. I updated to a kifaru stuff sack and used the wiggys main stuff sack for laundry.

The lid of the wiggys stuff sack however had an intended purpose I felt. So like I do with all my gear that isn't being used for it's intended purpose I start messing around. In this case I had wiggys bivy laying around without a stuff sack and thought hey, let's do something here.

I took the lid and cut the plastic cinch pulls off which just left the nylon loops they were attached to. Folded the bivy down pretty compact and got my Paracord and drawstring tensioner or whatever you call it and this is what I came up with. Custom wiggys keeper for the wiggys bivy. I'd imagine you can do this for the goretex army bivy or any other bivy for that matter. Did this for a buddy of mine who had a wiggys bivy too.


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Jul 27, 2020
I love USGI sustainment pouches for organization. They're about 11" tall, 9" wide and 4" deep, come with all sorts of MOLLE webbing and junk you don't need. They're a great size and tough enough for the sharp edges on freeze dried meals and are big enough to also hold a pair of 10x42s, and spotter with room to spare. You can clip them to the outside of your pack too if you want.

Problem is weight. Even if you trim the crap webbing off you're still at around 7-8 oz. I can't see worth a damn but managed to commission my mommy to make me some replicas out of lightweight xpac I found at ripstopbytheyard.

Working great. My mommy's a real nice lady but she hated my xpac.