Wisconsin Wolf hunt!


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Feb 12, 2021
South Dakota
I know that’s ridiculous. It’s not as though the WI DNR has any history... recent history... of extremely undercounting predators... uuuuuuuummmmmmm... Oh. Yeah. There was that whole bear thing.

Modern game and fish departments seem to have this issue in multiple states. I'm from SD and they did the same with Mountain Lions, under counting to fight hunter pressure for a season. Then a few years later SD GF&P grossly over counted our pheasant population to "help" hunting tourism.

The next move was to have a major private land trespassing debacle. In which a sheriff arrested and tried a GF&P officer. Again, you're not alone in WI having these issues. I know SD has never managed to salvage the landowner, hunter, officer relationship after that series of stupid.

As far as the wolf hunting thing goes, we are part of the ecosystem and need to be active participants. This is for safety, and sustainability reasons. Refusing to manage animals that need or require management is just willful ignorance. If wolves go unchecked deer will move closer to human populations because we are a deterrent. Eventually that will go poorly. I welcome predators in the woods, managed predators with a healthy fear of humans.

1stSgt M

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Apr 2, 2021
Could we get some wolves to hunt in DC? Otherwise shoot, shovel, shut up.