Would like some help/advice on my Savage


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Feb 29, 2012
Here is how I feel about your situation:

Forget bedding the plastic stock.

Forget the brake.

If the rifle shoots, and you can shoot it, don't mess with it.

If you are going to bed it, get a B&C Medalist or similar stock (make sure it will fit your action though, there are several Savage non-accustock variations). this will also add weight, which will reduce felt recoil.

Cleaning up the trigger will help your accuracy, but not the rifles.

Keep us posted on how it turns out!
BB nailed it. You would be amazed at the felt recoil reduction from a more solid stock with a good recoil pad like decelerator. Not that it really matters in your case but brakes have actually been proven to increase accuracy. Don't take my word for it and do some research.