WTS Custom GAP Non-Typical 300 WSM


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May 17, 2017
SPF WTS Custom GAP Non-Typical 300 WSM


GA Precision Non-Typical 300 WSM that was built and customized by Moon at GAP and weighs 7.5 pounds. Their website will give lots of detail but it includes:

Custom GAP Templar® Hunter action
Solid one piece bolt, made from billet
M-16 type extractor
25 inch Bartlein Stainless 5R barrel - #3 contour
Trigger tuned to 2.5 lbs.
One front stud and one rear stud installed
Pachmayr decelerator pad
Custom 1913 Rail 15 MOA Cant
Left Side G.A. Precision Bolt Stop/Release installed
Oversized bolt knob installed
One 5 round magazine (This is marked 308 but was converted by GAP to 300 WSM)
Rifle metal is finished in CeraKote matte black

Extras on this rifle are:
Upgrade Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Trigger-guard for $225
Barrel fluting for $155
One new 5 round magazine and two new 10 round magazines marked 300 WSM for $210
Fully bedded stock in camo pattern with black webbing and cheekpiece. (Believe it may be a McMillan custom painted stock that is $500 extra per a few people)

Staring price to build one is $3000 and this one has over $1000 in extras so this would cost you an easy $4000 to build like this. The lead-time for the Non-Typical is 6 months in standard configuration so this one would take event longer.

I bought this slightly used and fired 180 rounds down the tube. The guy before me fired even less so this has had less than 300 rounds through it. It shoots all factory ammo I tried at less than 1 inch, and most at a ½ inch or less. Will sell for $2600 and that includes shipping. I can take a check or a MO. Your FFL must be willing to accept from a private person. Email with any questions or comments and thanks for looking.


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