WTS Enlightened Equipment and Hammock Gear Quilts


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Jul 31, 2012
Billings, MT
I am selling two quilts that are just duplicates (actually triplicates) of what I have and just don't get used. Both have minimal use and are in perfect condition. Please note I don't have any stuff sacks for these as I use Kifaru compression stuff sacks and won't sell those. If, by the time these sell, I can find one, I will include it. Please note that I will be leaving town on Thursday 6/29 and will be returning on 7/5. I will sell during that time-frame; but, I will not be able to ship during said time-frame.

First is an Enlightened Equipment Revelation with Downtech, 30 degree long and extra wide. It is charcoal in and marpat camo out. I need $225 shipped and insured at my expense. It has the zippered foot-box with drawstring.

Second is a Hammock Gear Burrow 0° with 2oz overstuff, foot-box: snaps. The outer color is burnt orange and the inner color is charcoal gray. This is standard length and width. The foot-box is the snap foot-box. I need $250 shipped and insured at my expense.

I'll sell the pair together as a package for $440 shipped and insured.