Wyoming General Mistakes



Well Known Rokslider
Nov 28, 2018
Mid Day for the most part has been a good time for us. I can usually glass up bedded animals and make a plan or slowly push the timber. For some reason that just did not work this trip. We mostly saw elk in the mornings or evenings right at light which did not give us much time to get on them. The timing just never worked out on this trip.
We will be putting in for cow tags and hope to get a better feel for some units. I still have 9 points so in a couple years we might use my points and do general again. My dad will be 63 so some of the rougher areas are starting to not be an option with how we hunt.
We took a look at 21/13 and found elk there this summer but the blow down is terrible and roads everywhere. I asked my son if this was an area he wanted to hunt and he said no. He liked the mountains in the 80's. Not saying I wont take a harder look at 21. There are tons of elk in there but also tons of hunters and tons of roads. I just wasn't really impressed with how the land laid out.

We will be back at it again