Supplements have been available for years. But recently there have been several companies capitalizing on the niche within the hunting community by focusing their advertising to appeal to the outdoorsman/women. Many are looking for an edge that may push them to their limits, to push harder and to become more successful.

What Is MTN OPS?

You have likely heard of or even tried the various products that MTN OPS has to offer. MTN OPS is one such company that has been doing a great job of tailoring its products to our lifestyle. MTN OPS was established in July of 2014 with a focus to provide quality products to those looking for essential supplements to up their game. Ranging from pre-workout to recovery and everything in between. They offer products that will fit nearly every lifestyle. There are health type packages and recipes on their website as well as reviews to help you decide what is best for you and what you may be looking for. Below is a little background on the company and how they got started.


Mtn Ops was founded by Trevor Farnes and the two Harbertson brothers, Casey and Jordan. Trevor had a background working with supplements and worked hard to develop a product that would help with his father’s neuropathy. Trevor found great success in the creation of a certain product, now known as ENDURO, and wanted to find new ways to share his product with others who would benefit from his creation. Casey and Jordan owned a marketing firm at the time and became acquainted with Trevor as they shared mutual interests and a friendship was forged. They all enjoyed hunting and the outdoor market and understood the needs of hunters and how a product like ENDURO could help improve their experience and performance in the field. From a desire to improve people’s lives with quality and science backed products, MTN OPS was born and the product line has since expanded.

The company has since addressed additional needs we have not only as hunters, but as normal human beings who need to be healthy so that we can play with our kids, take care of our family and all the other things that most people spend 98% of their time doing when they aren’t in the field. As MTN OPS diversify and expand their line, they will only do so after thorough testing and R&D to ensure each product will fulfill their mission. Only then are the products provided to the public.

New Products

Recently they launched a couple of new products that I was given the opportunity to try. They brought into their lineup Electrolyte STM–-Hydration and Recovery powders (review here). And, Performance Protein Bars. I wasn’t new to what MTN OPS has to offer and have been using many of their products for several years. I was excited to try something new!

MTN OPS Performance Protein Bars

Protein bars are not a new thing considering how long they have been around. However, finding a protein bar that doesn’t leave you with a chalky, nasty aftertaste can be a different story. MTN OPS developed these bars over the last two years to get just what they were looking for. These performance protein bars feature their 5-star rated whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and collagen. MTN OPS included what they felt was the most proven and effective proteins for your body to utilize in reaching its optimum level of performance.

20 Grams Of Protein

The Performance Protein Bars are low in sugar and are gluten free making it fit nearly every end user out there. There are 20 grams of protein packed into a bar–about the same as a 3-oz chicken breast. That’s pretty good but the bigger question is always the taste.

Let’s Talk Taste

I was apprehensive on taste, but very excited to give them a try. I had to hide these from the rest of my family as they all wanted to try them. But I needed them all to be able to give an honest review. That’s right, I was selfish and hoarded them all to myself only to find that my wife snuck a couple away and hid them! The kids did get a taste and they really liked them too.

As I tore open my first bar I realized that they didn’t do well sitting in the mailbox with 90 degree heat. Something that no protein bar will hold up to it seems. However, I managed to get the wrapper off without losing all the chocolate covering of the first bar. *Since this review published, MTN OPS is now shipping bars with cold packs to prevent melting. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the first bite was. My taste buds appreciated the flavor and the lack of protein taste that many bars have.

Three Flavors To Choose From

They currently come in three flavors to include Peanut Butter Bliss, Conquer Caramel Crunch, and Triple Chocolate Mudslide. They are sold in a boxes of 10 with a price tag of $30.00 per box. My favorite of the three was the Triple Chocolate Mudslide and it makes my mouth water thinking about them now!

Great Snack That Curbs Hunger

I tried the bars at various times to see how they compared to other bars I have used. I tried them as a mid-morning snack as well as a snack while out on scouting trips. They curbed my hunger and held me for a long time before needing to eat again. With some bars, I tend to get hungry sooner. These larger bars did a great job and of course their taste was much better than others I have used. That was a HUGE plus!

More Than Supplements

Mtn Ops has been providing supplements for several years now and they have refined many products to fit your lifestyle. No matter what you do or who you are, they have something that will appeal to you and benefit you in various ways. From weight-loss programs to muscle and strength training and building. Even endurance training, or just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, they should have what you need. Learn more here.

Give their products a try, I think you will like them. MTN OPS is so much more than just a supplement company. They are also a company that gives back to those in need with a strong belief that God has his hand in all things.

Lifestyle Gear

MTN OPS also offers a wide range of branded clothing and other items to fit your lifestyle. Their T-shirts and hats are quality products that are comfortable and fit great as well. Learn more about their full line and order here.

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Jared Bloomgren
Jared was raised to appreciate the outdoors and everything that Mother Nature has to offer. He strives to better himself in the hunting community and to also help those that are looking for the insight that they wish to acquire when it comes to hunting. He plans all his own hunts and is very proud of being a "Do It Yourself" hunter who hunts mostly puclic land. Jared is fortunate to have gained the support of various companies in the hunting industry. While he enjoys various styles of hunting, 90% of his hunting is done by spot and stalk. Jared says "Spot & stalk really pits your knowledge and experience against that of your prey on their terms. It levels the playing field more than any other style of hunting." He takes extreme pride in the knowledge and experience that he has gained over the years. As a freelance writer, he enjoys reliving hunts and passing on tips and tactics information in prose to readers. He is the proud father of two, Emmalynn and Jackson. He will teach them many of the same things that he was lucky enough to learn from his late father.