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    Anyone seeing any used gear for sale?

    I've about heard enough of this crap. I guess if some of these invertebrates get shot and killed by the owners while in action, maybe that will send a message.
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    While we're at it.......

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    New Crispi boots for everyday wear-which ones?

    Absolutely love my crispi crossovers.
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    Do you carry a seat/stool when you hunt?

    I use one for spot and stalk on whitetails when I get sick of the tree.
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    Closing the distance (Archery)

    Something that has helped me a lot is spot and stalk on whitetail does. Those critters are always"switched" on. Sometimes it will take me an hour to move 60 yards in,take one small step and wait and look and listen,then one more step. Rinse and repeat.
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    Poaching or just thrill killing?

    Take both their damn eyes
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    Poaching or just thrill killing?

    Just found a whitetail buck that was shot last week in an area I archery hunt,shot looked low and back,the antlers had been hacked off and the rest of the deer left to rot. I'm going to pay close attention to this area next year. I can honestly say that if I see something like this happening at...
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    Elk call

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    Shot placement

    ^^^^ this. I passed on a lot of marginal shots this year,the stars have to line up before I release an arrow.
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    Outdoor Work Pants

    Carhart flex work pants.....mic drop.
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    Is 308 good enough

    270 is a great option for less recoil,my son has taken 2 elk in the past 3 years with it,1 shot kills,140 grain nosler partitions.
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    Sat in the stand last weekend when the temps started out at 2 degrees, with no wind it was tolerable. Add just a little bit of a breeze and I would have climbed down,guess that is my limit for now.